LTL13.0 %
2 axles24.4 %
3 & 4 axles28.8 %

Effective as of 28 Septembre 2020

Flatbed and oversized trucks

We have flatbed and oversized trucks that are expandable up to 90 feet in length to accommodate wide loads. For these types of special transport, we provide the necessary escorts to ensure the utmost safety.

Our employees are trained to safely tie down loads. Their knowledge and experience in this area is a major asset. On request, we can also cover loads with a tarpaulin.

Valuable content

These types of goods require very strict time management. This poses a great challenge. That is why we are committed to precisely following schedules and timelines, and we are available at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Additional insurance

In addition to meet and even exceeding transport insurance standards, we are able to adapt to your particular needs. Feel free to tell us your industry’s specific requirements. This will greatly benefit our partnership.